Standard 7' straight sheeted alley

7′ Sheeted Straight Alley Panels

Item #250, 7′ Sheeted straight panel x 66″, 152 lbs

Item #251, 7′ Sheeted straight panel x 60″, 128 lbs

Item #1380, 7′ Sheeted straight sorting panel x 66″, 209 lbs

7′ Straight Alley

7' Straight Alley

This is the middle length of the three straight cattle handling alleys available.

The 7′ long panels are available in two heights. Item #250 is 66” high while item #251 is 60” high. These panels will connect with our stationary alley spreaders, our adjustable S-Alley spreaders or the ‘S’ side of our U-to-S Alley spreaders.

If you wish to sort livestock out of this section replace item #250 or #251 with item #1380 or #1375.

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