8' Cattle Guard Options

8′ Cattle Guard

Heavy Duty Stock Guards

Hi-Hog offers a variety of engineered cattle guard sizes and options. Our cattle guards come in 96″ (8′-0″) road lengths and 16’, and 20’ road widths. All products are heavy duty and come with a dark green powder coat finish.

You can see the three styles in the image on your left. The double sill model is shown at the top of the image with the single sill cattle guard in the middle and the no sill guard shown at the bottom. Call for availability.

Each cattle guard is shipped with a set of break-a-way posts. These posts come in two sizes to accommodate Hi-Hog’s handy gates or corral gates. Optional Smooth ride bars can be added for those who wish a bump free ride over the cattle guard.

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16' Cattle Guard with No Sills

Item 3616, 16' Cattle Guard with no Sills

Item 3620, 20' Cattle Guard with no Sills

8′ Cattle Guard

8' Cattle Guards with no sills

For those who wish to set their cattle guard on concrete sills this cattle guard is all you need.

Item No.Road WidthWeightStock
361616'1863 lbsno
362020'2273 lbsno

Call for availability.

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16' Cattle Guard with Single Sills

Item 3816, 16' Cattle Guard with single sills

Item 3816 & 3825, 16' Cattle Guard with single sills and smooth ride bars

Item 3820, 20' Cattle Guard with single sills

8′ Cattle Guard

8' Cattle Guard with Single Sills

The single sill style is our most popular cattle guard model. The addition of the sills makes this cattle guard ready for installation. Simply prepare a 17 1/2″ deep hole, set the cattle guard on the packed surface, and backfill for a smooth transition.

Cattle Guards with Single Sills

Item No.Road WidthWeightStock
381616'2322 lbsyes
382020'2847 lbsyes

There is currently an inconsistent supply of tubing availible to build this product. Call for availability.

20' Cattle Guard with Double Sills

Item 3916, 16' Cattle Guard with double sills

Item 3920, 20' Cattle Guard with double sills

8′ Cattle Guard

8' Cattle Guard - Double Sills

The Double Sill model provides a wider base for support and is recommended for soft ground conditions.

Cattle Guards with Double Sills

Item No.Road WidthWeightStock

Call for availability.

Attach end-to-end for wider access

Attach side-to-side for longer cattle guards

8′ Cattle Guard

Cattle Guard modifications for additional length or width

Some situations may require a wider cattle guard or a longer cattle guard.  For example, if you require access for large machinery you may need a wider cattle guard. If you have elk , bison or horses on your land you may want a longer cattle guard than the standard 8′ road length. In both these cases we can modify our standard cattle guards to allow you to combine them and achieve your goals. Call us for details.