Standard 4' straight sheeted alley

Standard and Sorting alleys

Standard, sorting and palpation alleys

4′ Sheeted Straight Alley Panels

Item 86, 4′ sheeted straight panel x 66″ high, 95 lbs

Item 85, 4′ sheeted straight sorting gate, 122 lbs

4′ Straight Alley

4' cattle handling alley

This is the shortest of the three straight cattle handling alleys available.

Item #86 is a 4′ long sheeted panel and it is available only in the 66” height.  This livestock panel will connect with our stationary alley spreaders, our adjustable S-Alley spreaders or the ‘S’ side of our U-to-S Alley spreaders.

To turn this alley section into a 4′ sorting section, or a palpation cage replace item #86 with item #85.


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