Box alley and funnel alley

Standard Bison Handling System Parts

  • 2367 – Hydraulic Bison Squeeze Chute
  • 2330 – Left Hand Bison Alley Adjustable Spreader with Rolling Door
  • 2320 – Right Hand Bison Alley Adjustable Spreader With Rolling Door
  • 2315 – Bison Control Alley Adjustable Side Panel
  • 2305 – Bison Control alley Roof Panel
  • 2295 – Bison Control Alley Exit Gate
  • 2120 – 8’ Sheeted Bison Panel
  • 2130 – 10’ Sheeted Bison Panel
  • 2140 – 12’ Sheeted Bison Panel
  • 2150 – 14’ Sheeted Bison Panel
  • 2160 – 16’ Sheeted Bison Panel
  • 2190 – 5’ Wide Sheeted Bison Rolling Door
  • 2195 – 7′ high Bison 3-way connector post

Bison Box Alley

Keep them calm, Keep them together

Hi-Hog’s 5’ wide box alleys can be built in a range of lengths. The 5’ wide alley provides enough width for the bison to turn and move freely. The box sections are designed to hold 2 or more bison at any time (depending on the size of the bison and the length of the alley section). The solid sheeted 5‘ wide rolling doors (item 2190) provide fast action closure that the bison will respect. The sheeted side panels help to calm your bison as they block views of any potential threats outside of the alley. Additionally there is no floor in the box alley so as long as the ground provides secure footing your bison should be calm and content.

In the image on your left you can see a funnel alley on the left and a box on the right. The box alley has a 5′ rolling door on both ends. The funnel alley has a 5′ rolling door on one end of the alley and a 32″ alleys spreader with a rolling door on the other end. Like the box alley the funnel alley has no floor. The funnel section is normally 8′ to 10′ in length and holds one animal. One can transition from here to a control alley section or directly into the squeeze chute.