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Bison Control Alley

Bison Control Alley

Hi-Hog’s bison handling equipment has been designed specifically for safe and efficient bison handling. While bison have similar responses to handlers as do cattle, one needs to understand that their responses are not the same. When compared to cattle, bison tend to react earlier, at greater distances, and with greater speed, and vigour. For this reason our bison handling systems and chutes vary considerably from our typical cattle handling systems.

For example, bison do not like to be isolated from their herd mates. When they are isolated they can shut down and become non-responsive or they can become very aggressive in their attempt to return to the herd. For this reason we would use only one or two of these sections directly behind the bison squeeze. The control alley acts as a transition section between open grass to the closed confinement of the squeeze chute. It’s inclusion helps maintain flow in a bison handling system. For best performance your bison should be kept in the control alley and squeeze for as short a period as possible.


Side view of bison control alley

Side Alley open

Bison Control Alley

Bison handling equipment

One side of this control alley section is adjustable allowing you to narrow the alley width to fit the animal. This will ensure your bison are facing the right way and ready to enter the squeeze chute.

When bison can’t turn freely they will look for other ways to escape which is why our alley section includes a roof panel. Without the roof panel your bison may attempt to go up and over the 7’ side panels resulting in heightened stress, delays and possible injuries.

The non-adjustable side of the alley includes a side exit panel which allows for efficient sorting. On some occasions you may also find an animal that is reluctant to move forward into the squeeze chute. In this case the side exit allows you an opportunity to drop the animal out the side and recirculate it back through the system. The sheeted side panels include a narrow open slot which allows the handler to work the flight zone of your bison.

This control alley has been mounted on a scale platform which allows for weighing your bison before they enter your bison squeeze chute.

Adjustable Alley Spreader w Rolling Door

Side Exit Gate w Plunger Latch

Scale Platform

Bison Control Alley

Bison Control Alley Parts