Keep your livestock secure with a Hi-Hog cattle guard

Cattle guards, cattle grids, stock grids, or Texas gates are all terms for a device used to prevent livestock from walking through an opening in the pasture fence line without impeding vehicle traffic.

Keeping your cattle pasture secure requires a well maintained fence line and control of all access points. In most situations all you need is a good gate to keep livestock contained and secure. Controlling the security of pasture gates is not always guaranteed. In these situations a cattle guard can help maintain the security of your livestock.

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Hi-Hog offers a variety of engineered cattle guard sizes and options. Our cattle guards come in full 96″ (8′-0″) road lengths and 16’, and 20’ road widths. The cattle guards are available with no sills, single sills, or double sills. All products are heavy duty and come with a dark green powder coat finish.

Optional accessories for the the road cattle guards include cattle guard posts for 5-bar handy gates , 6-bar corral gates or 5-bar heavy duty gates, as well as smooth ride bars.