combination livestock alley

Combination livestock working alleys

A winning combination of livestock working chutes

Safe and efficient livestock handling systems

Why settle for a cookie-cutter cattle handling system when you can have an outstanding custom designed cattle handling system built from standard stock items that fits your livestock handling needs.   Not all cattle handling facilities are built the same. This is why Hi-Hog has created a wide range of alley options that can be assembled into hundreds of different safe and efficient livestock handling systems.

Hi-Hog offers both adjustable and non-adjustable alley solutions in both straight and curved configurations. The addition of transitional alley spreaders allow our designers to combine all these options into one alley. Where do you want to go?

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Combination livestock working alleys

Custom design with standard stock products

The most common combination alleys combine our adjustable straight alley with our adjustable U-Alley components. Change the location or the angle of the curve and the alley changes. Change the length of the straight alley sections and the alley changes again. Hundreds of available solutions; which one will work best for you? Just let us know what your cattle handling system needs to do and any location restrictions and our designers will work with you to develop a cattle handling system that meets your requirements.