Sample Gate Installation

Gate Installation Notes

All Hi-Hog gates are designed to fit a specific opening size. The specific opening for each gate is given in the descriptive name of the gate. For example, a 10’ corral gate, should NOT be mounted on posts where the space between the posts exceeds 10’.

In the event that the opening between the posts does exceed the descriptive name of the gate the excess space should be located at the latch end of the gate. If the space at the latch end prevents you from being able to latch the chain back to the gate or if the space becomes wide enough to become a hazard, you should look into acquiring a special order gate to fit your specific opening size.

The gate hinges are supplied with 13” of threaded rod. The long threaded rod allows for mounting the gate on hinge posts with diameters of up to 8-5/8”. DO NOT mount your gate with the gap between the hinge post and the gate exceeding the designed hinged post spacing (3-5/8”). Exceeding the designed hinged post spacing may result in the threaded rod bending or failing when the gate is opened perpendicular to the hinge. Note; the gate hinge is designed to safely carry ONLY the weight of the gate itself.