Common Connectors:

All Hi-Hog panels, frame & gates, and overhead alley spreaders use a common connector system which allows you complete freedom to combine handy, corral and heavy duty items without the need for adaptors.

High Tensile Steel:

All Hi-Hog panels and gates are built with 60,000 psi high tensile steel tubing; the highest in the industry. The higher the tensile strength of the tubing, the further you can distort the tubing before it loses its ability to return to its original shape.

Frame & Gate Length:

The actual frame & gate length is 1” less than the descriptive name. For example the overall length of a 12’ frame & gate is 11’-11” measured from the outside edge of the connectors.


Handy Frame and Gate – 5 Bar

Handy Bow Gate

The handy bow gate, is commonly used for access through a line of handy panels. This is a low pressure frame and gate.

The tubing is 1 1/2″ OD 16 gauge tubing. The verticals are coned to remove sharp edges. The inside opening between each of the five horizontal bars is 9 7/16”.

The gate comes with a drop latch. The common connector system will allow you to integrate this item with any of Hi-Hog’s panel weights.

Frame Size (L x H)Gate HeightItem NumberWeight (lbs)
4' x 7'60"154065