Heavy Duty Frame and Gates

Heavy Duty Bow Gates - 5 Bar - 1 Piece Frame

The heavy duty frame & gate, also known as a bow gate, is commonly used for access, sorting and holding in working livestock handling systems. This is a heavy pressure frame & gate.

The 4′ and 6′ wide frame & gates use a single tube frame.  The 8′ wide and wider frame & gates use a double tube frame. The frame is constructed with 1.9” OD 14 gauge tubing for the end verticals and the top bars.  The bottom rail is 2 3/8” OD 0.125 wall. The heavy duty gates are constructed of 1.9” OD 14 gauge tubing throughout. The end verticals are coned to remove sharp edges. The inside opening between each of the five horizontal bars is 9 3/8”.  The horizontals are reinforced with 1 1/2” OD 16 gauge tubing.  Each of the verticals supports is coped to fit the horizontals. The gate comes with a 7/8” plunger latch and striker plate.

The common connector system will allow you to integrate this item with any of Hi-Hog’s panel weights.

Item Number 350 - Single Frame

Item Number 352 - Single Frame

Item Number 360 - Double Frame

Item Number 370 - Double Frame

Item Number 380 - Double Frame

Item Number 390 - Double Frame

Heavy Duty Frame and Gates

Heavy Duty Bow Gates - 5 Bar - 1 Piece Frame - Available Sizes

Frame Size (L x H)Gate HeightItem NumberWeight (lbs)
4' x 7'60"350112
6' x 7'60"352140
8' x 8'60"360183
10' x 8'60"370214
12' x 8'60"380243
8' x 10'60"390196