10' Heavy Duty Gate - 7 Bar

Sample hinged secured for shipping

48" zinc plated chain with no slip latch

Heavy Duty Gates 7 Bar

Heavy Duty Gate - 7 Bar

The heavy duty 7 bar gate is designed for heavy use. These non-stock gates are primarily used in special cattle or bison handling applications. Heavy duty gates are constructed of 1.9” OD 14 gauge tubing throughout. The end verticals are coned to remove sharp edges. The inside opening between each of the six horizontal bars is 9 3/8”.  The horizontals are reinforced with 1 1/2” OD 16 gauge tubing.  Each of the vertical supports is coped to fit the horizontals. Installation Notes

Each gate comes with two 13” x 1” All-thread hinges on four inch collars. The hinges are secured to the gate for shipping with a 1/4″ diameter, x 1″ long, 14 thread hex-washer-head self-drill screw. Each gate includes 48” of 1/4” zinc plated chain and a no-slip chain latch.

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Item Number 2404

Item Number 2406

Item Number 2408

Item Number 2410

Item Number 2412

Item Number 2414

Item Number 2416

Heavy Duty Gates 7 Bar

Heavy Duty Gate - 7 Bar - Available Lengths

Size (L x H)Item NumberWeight (lbs)
4' x 70.5"240470
6' x 70.5"240693
8' x 70.5"2408120
10' x 70.5"2410143
12' x 70.5"2412170
14' x 70.5"2414192
16' x 70.5"2416215

Heavy Duty Gates 7 Bar