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Stable Design Service

Horse Barn Design Assistance

Horse stalls are often installed in existing barns. This can create a challenge when it comes to understanding how your new stalls will fit and deciding what items you will need to design and build the facilities you desire.

Our design team will take your barn plans or sketches and prepare a set of professional scaled and itemized drawings. This free design service often raises considerations that if overlooked would result in installation challenges and/or the need for additional and costly adjustments to the building or the need for custom built stall components.

To assist us please provide a sketch of your barn plan with accurate measurements of the interior space where you would like to locate your stalls. Please note any conditions that may affect the design lay-out.

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Sample Stable Plans

Stable Design Service

Horse Barn Design Service

These considerations include items such as the size and location of door and window openings, the position and size of columns, any unusual floor conditions such as slope or the location of floor drains. As our stalls are normally attached to the wall of the barn please ensure that your wall composition will not pose problems. The ceiling height may be a design consideration as well depending on if you require foaling partitions or if the ceiling height is less than the height of our standard stall fronts. (To assist you we have created a guide to installing your horse stalls).

We will then take your sketch and draw a scaled and itemized drawing of your proposed stables using AutoCad. This drawing and corresponding item list will provide you with an accurate quote. You can email your sketch to [email protected] or fax to 1-403-280-2441. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.