Sample Horse Back Lever Latch

Horse Back Lever Latches

Horseback Lever Latch

The lever latch is designed to be operated from horse back. Simply lift the handle and push towards the spring loaded plunger latch to release. To close the gate just push the gate shut and it will lock automatically.

Each gate model requires a specific lever latch. In addition the lever latch is available in two weights; medium and heavy. The medium weight uses a 7/8″ bolt while the heavy model uses a 1-1/8″ bolt.

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Item Number 1321

Item Number 1322

Item Number 1323

Item Number 1324

Item Number 1325

Horse Back Lever Latches

Medium 7/8" Bolt

ModelFits This Gate ModelBolt SizeItem NumberWeight
MediumHandy7/8"132110 lbs
MediumCorral7/8"132210 lbs
MediumHeavy Duty 4' high7/8"132310 lbs
MediumHeavy Duty 5' high7/8"132410 lbs
MediumRound Pen7/8"132510 lbs

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Item Number 1326

Item Number 1327

Item Number 1328

Item Number 1329

Horse Back Lever Latches

Heavy 1-1/8" Bolt

ModelFits This Gate ModelBolt SizeItem #Weight
HeavyCorral1-1/8"132614 lbs
HeavyHeavy Duty 4' high1-1/8"132714 lbs
HeavyHeavy Duty 5' high1-1/8"132814 lbs
HeavyHeavy Duty 6' high1-1/8"132914 lbs

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Installation of Item Number 1321

Installation of Item Number 1327

Installation of Item Number 1328

Horse Back Lever Latches

If you order your gate with a lever latch we can build the gate with the lever latch installed. If you are ordering your lever latch for an existing Hi-Hog gate you will be required to install the latch. Be sure to order the lever latch that is designed for your specific Hi-Hog gate.

Note: When you receive your lever latch you will need to remove the HANDLE STOP from the PIVOT AXLE SLEEVE.

  1. Remove the PIVOT AXLE SLEEVE and the PLUNGER from the LEVER FRAME.
  2. Slide the LEVER FRAME over your Hi-Hog gate and re-install the PIVOT AXLE SLEEVE and the PLUNGER as per the drawing supplied.
  3. Locate and drill [or cut] a hole in the end gate vertical to allow for the PLUNGER SLEEVE. For the Medium Lever Latch you will require a 1 5/16” hole. For the Heavy Duty Lever Latch you will require a 1 ½” hole.
  4. Tack Weld the PLUNGER SLEEVE in place as per the drawing supplied.
  5. With the LEVER FRAME held in a vertical position, Tack Weld the PIVOT AXLE SLEEVE to gate’s horizontal as per drawing supplied.
  6. Tack Weld HANDLE STOP in position as per drawing supplied.
  7. Ensure proper function of the latch and then proceed to complete the welds.
  8. Clean up all welded surfaces and apply finish coat of Hi-Hog Green Paint.

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