Sternum Bar pins to cattle chute floor

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Sternum Bar

An optional Sternum Bar or Brisket Bar, will inhibit livestock from dropping down in the cattle squeeze chute.

The sternum bar pins into two bolt on floor brackets. This makes it quick and easy to remove if required. To reduce leg traps Hi-Hog’s sternum bar does not project through the headgate. All bends are rounded to reduce bruising.

The sternum bar will mount in both the hydraulic squeeze chute as well as the manual parallel axis squeeze chute.

Sternum Bar – Item #1554

cattle squeeze trailer

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Sharing your squeeze is easy

Transport and share your cattle squeeze chute

Hi-Hog’s squeeze trailer makes it easy to make your Hi-Hog squeeze chute portable. The transport frame attaches quickly and securely to your manual parallel axis squeeze chute, your manual parallel axis squeeze chute with neck extender or your hydraulic Hi-Hog squeeze chute.

Please note: you will need to weld several mounting brackets onto your chute. For details on the mounting requirements follow this link to the squeeze trailer web page.

Item #140

Moves easily

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Gas Powered Hydraulic Pump

The gas powered hydraulic pump, item 1562, features a Honda 5.5 horse power 163cc engine providing 7.59 ft-lb of torque. The pump is a 2-stage hydraulic pump which provides faster cycle times and higher pressure with small engine requirements. Max continuous flow, low pressure 10.6 gpm / high pressure 2.3 gpm, with continuous pressure of 3000 psi 

  • Compact combustion chamber, overhead cam design, and uni-block construction reduce fuel consumption
  • Powerful torque across a wide RPM range helps reduce engine speed drop from sudden load increases.
  • Internal timing belt provides quiet operation
  • Valve train and gear noise is minimized
  • Precision engineered and machined components result in lower vibration
  • The motor is mounted in a wheeled frame for easy handling
  • 65 lbs

Quiet 5 gallon hydraulic pump

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Electric Powered Hydraulic Pump

The electric powered hydraulic pump, item 1559, features a two horsepower electric motor.  The motor runs on single phase either 110 or 220 Power.  It provides 3,450 rpm and has a 5 gallon tank.

  • 115 volts (110) require 20 amps at the pump.
  • 230 volts (220) require 10 amps at the pump.
  • 65 lbs

Hydraulic Head Sweep

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Squeeze Chute Neck Bender

Extend your control with Hi-Hog’s optional Hydraulic Head Sweep. Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle chute includes an extra hydraulic control that can be used to run the head sweep. The head sweep arm is long enough to prevent stock from ducking under the sweep. Provides excellent control for head work.

Note: The neck extender must be removed for proper operation of the head sweep.

  • Item #1561
  • Weight: 100 lbs