Mounted on P.A. Squeeze headgate

Optional Neck Extender

Optional on Hi-Hog Self-Catch Headgates

The neck extender works seamlessly with the automatic head gate. This design minimizes livestock injury while maximizing handler safety and efficiency.

Neck extenders are designed to reduce head movement and provide access to the neck for injections. But not all neck extenders are created equal. Many designs include a fixed neck extender bar that sits out from the automatic head gate.  This design will often result in the neck bar closing on the animal’s head or jaw. Jaw pain may result in slower growth as the animal consumes less feed. The trauma of this experience may also result in the animal balking or refusing to enter the squeeze chute in the future.

To avoid these problems our neck extender is designed to work in conjunction with our automatic head gate.  Continued…

Funding is available in some Provinces

Calving headgate with optional neck extender

Optional Neck Extender

Set your headgate and neck extender in one step

Work faster and with less effort with Hi-Hog’s one-step automatic head gate with neck extender.

Hi-Hog’s automatic head gate is the industry’s most dependable automatic head gate. Simply set the head gate and walk away. You are free to work the flight zones because you can be confident the head gate will catch and hold your livestock.

The optional neck extender is tied directly to the head gate so it is set at the same time the head gate is. And the best part is that your livestock does the work, not you.

Hi-Hog’s neck extender provides unsurpassed access to the neck without adding any extra steps for the handler.  If required the neck extender can be adjusted at both the top and the bottom. In the event of an emergency the neck extender can be quickly and easily removed.

Excellent controlled neck access

Optional Neck Extender

Add control to any self catch Hi-Hog headgate with a safer neck extender

The neck extender can also be added to existing Hi-Hog squeeze chutes as well as new calving trimming chutes and calving enclosures. The procedures for retro-fitting the neck extender vary depending on the age of your existing chute. Please phone our office for more details.

Funding is available in some Canadian Provinces through the ‘Growing Forward’ program to help offset some of the costs on the purchase of a squeeze complete with neck extender. The funding programs vary from province to province. Call toll free 1-800-661-7002 for details or click here to learn more about the growing forward program.