Overhead Spreaders

Overhead Spreaders

Overhead Spreaders are used in the construction of temporary handling systems and portable corrals. In situations where you are not using anchored posts you may need to use overhead alley spreaders to keep your alley panels secure and in line.

Hi-Hog’s overhead alley spreaders provide a solid frame for use in the heaviest pressure areas. The frame is constructed of 2 3/8″ OD, 0.125 wall steel tubing. Both end verticals come with connectors on three sides offering excellent connectability. The connectors will work with any of our panels or frame & gates.

the 10′ w x 8′ high spreader (item #1690), is commonly used just outside of our crowding tub. If you plan to work your stock from horseback you will prefer the taller 10′ or 12′ high frames.

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Item Number 1660

Item Number 1670

Item Number 1680

Item Number 1690

Item Number 1720

Overhead Spreaders

One Piece Construction

Size (L x H)Item NumberWeight (Lbs)
4' x 7'166080
8' x 8'1670120
8' x 10'1680140
10' x 8'1690140
12' x 8'1720150

For information on our taller four piece overhead alley spreaders click on the green arrow in the top right corner.

Item Number 1700

Item Number 1710

Item Number 1730

Item Number 1740

Overhead Spreaders

Four Piece Construction

Size (L x H)Item NumberWeight (lbs)
10' x 10'1700150
10' x 12'1710170
12' x 10'1730170
12' x 12'1740190