Width:     14″ to 35-5/8″

Length:    37″

Height:    80″

Weight:   275 lbs

Item Number:    1560

Adjustable Palpation Cage

Secure access and control of your cattle

Palpation cages provide a secure environment for ranchers or vets for performing pregnancy checks or artificial insemination.  The heavy duty adjustable palpation cage includes access gates on both sides. Each 66″ high access gate comes with a spring loaded plunger latch. For operator safety these slam latches engage automatically when the gate is closed or when the gate is swung across the working alley to securely restrict cattle in the alley.  The bottom of each gate includes an adjustable panel which can be swung in to quickly narrow the width of the palpation cage. This is very helpfull for anyone handling calves. The width of the cage narrows to 14″ when both sides are set in.

The palpation cage can also be used for sorting livestock or for access across an alley. The palpation cage is designed to connect directly to other Hi-Hog products.