Langley, British Columbia

Portable Horse Stalls

Portable Event Stalls - Better By Design

For those who demand excellence, Hi-Hog’s powder coated portable horse stalls are designed for quick, hassle free installation, year after year.  These are outstanding temporary equine event stalls. The panels are light enough to handle and strong enough to endure multiple installations.

Hi-Hog’s portable horse stalls are the easiest in the industry to install. Our partition panels come with three-way connectors on one end. This design means that a bank of back-to-back stalls will only need one stall post. This makes installations a breeze. Stalls can be purchased with or without roofs. For Pricing please call toll free 1-800-661-7002.

For shipping and storage purposes the stalls should be bundled in an upright position. To attain a tight bundle alternate which end the three way connector is located. When the bundle is in an upright position it can be easily picked up and moved with a forklift or loader.

You may also want to find out more about the portable stall parts such as the portable stall fronts, portable stall partitions and the portable stall roofs.

Tucson, Arizona

Portable Horse Stalls

Southwestern Fair Commision, PIMA

“I just wanted to take time to say thank you for all your hard work. We just finished our first big horse show using nearly all of the 240 stalls that we purchased from Hi-Hog. The craftsmanship  and quality of all the stalls is excellent and the overall appearance is perfect for our facility. Every aspect of this purchase went very smoothly, from the sales to manufacturing, shipping and the set-up instructions. The set-up was so easy it took only about three and a half days to set-up all 240 stalls. All of our clients that used the stalls were very pleased along with the show manager.


We are so happy with the performance of our existing Hi-Hog stalls that we ordered another 80 stalls this year. Thank you All again for everything. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.”

Carrel Haught , Maintenance Manager
Southwestern Fair Commision, Inc.

Portable Horse Stalls

Thunderbird Equestrian

“Thunderbird Show Park is a premier equine venue. Our reputation has a lot to do with the quality of our facilities. We have well over 500 Hi-Hog stalls at Thunderbird Show Park.  Our patrons are impressed with how bright and attractive they are. We are impressed with  the safety features and the solid construction. We get a lot of kickers here and we haven’t had any damaged stalls.  We’ve set up lots of stalls over the years. None of them can compare with Hi-Hog’s.”

Diane and George Tidball
Thunderbird Show Park

Spruce Meadows

Portable Horse Stalls

“Spruce Meadows opened in 1975 and Hi-Hog was there. Over the years Hi-Hog has supplied Spruce Meadows with both box stalls and temporary stalls. They have also supplied us with a number of other products not directly linked to the equine industry. We continue to work with Hi-Hog because their products and service have always been top notch”
Linda Southern-Heathcott, President, Spruce Meadows