Portable Fence

Temporary fence security

The original portable fence panel

Portable fence designed for durability and ease of installation

Since the introduction of portable fencing products back in 1988 several companies have tried to copy us. While the imitations appear similar, a closer look will reveal the details that make our fence easier to install, safer, better looking and more durable.

To start we use superior materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our portable fence products are the most durable solution for your needs. Then we design in features that improve installation and take-down efficiencies.  Take a moment to scroll through the pictures to discover more about how Hi-Hog’ portable fence designs will help your investment in portable fence pay off faster and over a longer period of time.

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10'w x 6'h, Item 6060

10'w x 6'h with gate, Item 6086

Temporary fence security

Portable Fence Panel Options

Our 6′ high panels are built with superior 10 gauge 2″ x 4″ mesh. There are no loose wires to snag or catch. The mesh is welded directly to the square tubing frame using a continuous weld and include a 1″ x 1″ square tubing center rail for additional strength. Many safety codes require security panels around hazardous sites to be a minimum of 6′ in height from the ground to the top of the top horizontal rail. Our panel measures 6′ – 4″ to the top of the horizontal rail and 6′-5″ to the top of the end verticals).

DescriptionItem NumberWeight (lbs)
10'w x 6'h Panel606072
10'w x 6'h Panel with Gate6086110



Square Top, Gate, Item 6031

Flat Top, Item 6059

Angle Top, Item 6070

Temporary fence security

Portable Fence Top Connector Options

StyleDescriptionItem NumberWeight (lbs)
Square Top1 square, 1 round60281.6
Square Top2 square60301.6
Square TopGate60311.6
Flat TopGate60441.6
Flat Top 2 square60451.6
Flat Top1 square, 1 round60592
Angle Top2 square60291.6
Angle Top1 square, 1 round60701.6

34" Diamond Base, Item 6254

Temporary fence security

Portable Fence Diamond Base Connector Options

StyleDescriptionItem NumberWeight (lbs)
34" Diamond2 square625412.5
34" Diamond1 square, 1 round625512.3
34" DiamondGate RH/LH6256/625711

34" Flat Base, Item 6041

Temporary fence security

Portable Fence Rectangular Base Options

StyleDescriptionItem NumberWeight (lbs)
34" Flat Base2 square604116
34" Flat Base1 square, 1 round602616
34" Flat BaseGate602716