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Cow/Calf Round Bale Feeder

  • Inside Diameter: 85.75”
  • Outside Diameter: 101.6”
  • Feeding Positions: 18
  • Feeder Height: 56”
  • Weight: 326 lbs

Twister Round Bale Feeder – Bolt

Cow/Calf Round Bale Feeder, Item #961

Construction: The frames are 1” square tubing 0.100 wall. The stanchions are 1-5/16”, 0.133 wall. The bale saver stanchions project inwards to reduce feed waste. The stanchions are slanted diagonally to deter livestock from climbing into the feeder. The 20-3/4” high base is sheeted on the outside with 16 gauge sheet metal. Three sections bolt together to create a solid cow/calf feeder.  The Twister provides the best value for your dollar.

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