Keep you footing with a foothills round pen

  • Item # 2911, 10′w x 6′ high panel, Weight: 127 lbs – Non Stock
  • Item #2907, 6′w x 9′h high frame with 6′high gate, Weight: 115 lbs – Non Stock

Foothills Round Pen

Foothills Round Pens

The Foothills round pen is a cross between the Parkland round pen and the Rocky Mountain round pen.

The panel design is based primarily on the Parkland panel. Indeed the panels themselves are essentially the same and include all the same safety features described on the Parkland page. Rather than using mud legs however these round pen panels extend right to the ground and include a sheet metal skirt around the perimeter of the round pen. The skirt will help keep the footing materials as well as the feet inside the ring.

Footing plays an important role in the safety, conditioning, and training of your equine partner. For superior footing that preserves footing materials, controls mud and promotes drainage start with an EcoRaster foundation. Hold your ground with EcoRaster permeable ground reinforcing tiles. You may be interested in the Parkland Round Pen or the Rocky Mountain Round Pen

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