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Sample All Event Rodeo Arena - 01

Sample Combination Rodeo Arenas

Timed Events and Rough Stock Events

Rodeo arenas can vary widely both in size and in program requirements. The more events you wish to host the more complex the arena design is likely to be. Arenas designed for a variety of events usually require more complex penning solutions to efficiently control both the variety of stock, as well as the potential for multiple stock suppliers. This portion of the design is often a second thought however the success of a rodeo often depends on how safely and efficiently you can hold and move your stock. This is particularly true if your rodeo is an event where spectators have paid to see a show. They don’t want to be kept waiting while you struggle to get the correct animal into the correct chute.

For some ideas on how arenas change with each event you may want to look at some of our sample arenas; rough stock arenas, timed event arenas, penning arenas, sorting arenas, cutting arenas, and recreational riding arenas.

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Combined Timed Event Arena

Sample Combination Rodeo Arenas

Arenas designed for your site and program

The first decision you need to make is what events do you want to host in your new rodeo facility? Each event has its own arena requirements. Secondly you should consider your penning needs. Where will you safely hold all the stock you need to efficiently operate your rodeo event and how will you get your stock in and out of these pens? Lastly you need to consider how to deliver exciting viewing to the spectators at your event.

While we have several sample arenas to look at we have found that most of these designs need to be modified to meet the individual site and program requirements of the individual customer.  Our design staff would be happy to assist you in preparing a design that meets your individual needs.

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