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Pleasure Riding Arena

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Reining Arena - minimum size

Riding Arena’s

How big should your riding arena be?

Riding Arena’s come in a number of sizes depending on your intended use and budget.  To assist you in your selection here are some of the standard arena sizes:

  • Pleasure Riding Arena: 60′ x 120′.
  • Small Dressage Arena: 66′ x 131′ (20 m x 40 m).
  • Large Dressage Arena: 66′ x 197′ (20 m x 60 m)
  • Reining Arena: 100′ x 200′ minimum, 150′ x 300′ better
  • Working Cow (Reigning Cow) Arena: 60′ x 120′ min, 75′ x 165′ better. If the arena gets too wide (over 100′) or too long (over 280′) the arena will be less suitable for this event.
  • Hunter/Jumper Arena: 150′ x 300′, bigger would be better. The arena size will depend greatly on the class of jumpers and the course design that you will be hosting.
  • Driving Arena: 130′ x 260′
  • Round Pens and Lunging Pens. Round Pens tend to have a diameter of 50′ to 60′. Follow this link for more information on Hi-Hog’s round pens.

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