Calving Headgate, Item 110

  • Outside Height: 76.5″
  • Inside Height – Clear: 68″
  • Outside Width – including handles: 50″
  • Outside Width – frame only: 39″
  • Stanchion Adjustments – Top: 3 each side
  • Stanchion Adjustments – Bottom: 3 each side
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Item Number: 110

Self-Catch Calving Headgate

Works with the calving enclosure & calving/trimming chute

This heavy duty self-catch headgate, which is standard equipment in our Calving/Trimming chute and Calving Enclosure, can also be bolted to a set of posts.

The economical calving headgate has many of the same features as our heavy duty Automatic PA cattle squeeze headgate.  Unlike the PA cattle squeeze head gate this head gate does not include sheet metal side guards or a head-tie-down chain. Both the headgate handle and the width adjustment drop pins are simplified.

Like the PA cattle squeeze head gate the calving head gate will open fully both in and out of the squeeze chute. This eliminates the threat of hip lock found with other head gates.