Sorting Alley Overview

Cattle sorting where you need it.

Hi-Hog offers several options for sorting livestock. Our funnel crowding tub provides an option to sort out of the crowding tub. Our squeeze chutes provide two side exits as well as the exit through the head gate. For most situations these sorting options are all that are required. Some situations however require additional sorting options.

To satisfy these conditions we have two sheeted bow gates designed for use in a wide range of sorting situations.

  • Item #85, (PASS gate) is a 4’ long x 66” high sheeted bow gate. This is paired with item #86, (PASS panel) 4’long x 66” high sheeted panel.
  • Item #1380, is a 7’ long x 66” high sheeted panel with 4’ bow gate. This is paired with item #250, 7’ long x 66” high sheeted panel, and item #251, 7’ long x 60” sheeted panel.

These two bow gates integrate seamlessly with our core cattle handling equipment such as our crowding tub or working alley.

Sorting Alley Overview

Cattle handling equipment designed to work for you

All our panels and bow gates utilize a common connector system. This system allows our designers to freely locate these sorting gates where they are needed. Each of these bow gates are paired with sheeted panels with matching lengths to seamlessly integrate with our alley systems.