Corner Feeder with Support Ring, Item 4040

Corner Feeder - Plastic insert, Item 4041

Support Ring for Corner Feeder, Item 4042

Feeder Support Rail for Extended Feed Gate, 4039

Mounted Corner Feeder with Extended Feed Gate

Item #4040, Plastic Corner Feeder with support ring; weight: 14 lbs

Item #4041, Plastic Corner Feeder; weight: 6 lbs

Item #4042, Support Ring; weight: 8 lbs

Item #4039, Support Rail for Support Ring; weight: 6 lbs

Corner Feeder

Horse Stall Corner feeder

The Corner Feeder is designed to be mounted in the corner of the horse stall. This feeder has a capacity of 21 quarts or 0.67 bushels

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  • Horse Stall Corner Feeder with Support Ring, Item 4040, 14 lbs
  • Horse Stall Corner Feeder, Item #4041, 6 lbs
  • Support Ring For Corner Feeder, Item 4042, 8 lbs
  • Support Rail for Corner Feeder for Foothills Front with Feed Gate, Item 4039, 6 lbs