Oilfield Fence (tex fence)

Keep them safe

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Keeping your infrastructure safe

Secure your site with Wellhead Fence

Heavy duty wellhead fence to secure your oilfield, pipeline or utility infrastructure.

Protect your investment and lower your liability with Hi-Hog’s heavy duty wellhead fencing (tex fence). The cattle guard fence of choice for oilfield, pipeline and utility companies. Hi-Hog’s original wellhead panel design balances the need for quick installation with the demand for durability and livestock and equipment safety. The wellhead panels are angled inward to deter livestock from rubbing as they would on standard livestock panels. This design works to protect both livestock as well as your wellhead equipment.

Manufactured from 1.5”, 16 ga. high tensile steel tubing (60,000 psi min). These durable guards can be quickly and easily installed, even on irregular ground.

  • 41.5” high
  • No nuts and bolts required, for a quick and easy installation
  • Tubing ends are coned to ensure there are no sharp edges

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Basic wellhead dimensions

Secure your site with Wellhead Fence

Wellhead fencing components

DescriptionItem Number Weight (lbs)
10' well fence panel395048
10' well fence panel with man gate395167
well fence connector395317
2' well fence corner section395424
5' well fence panel395525
12' well fence panel395756
12' well fenc panel with man gate395874
2' well fence inside corner395935

Secure your site with Wellhead Fence

Distributed by these fine dealers:

  • IPAC Services Corp, Clairmont, AB.  780-532-7350
  • MRC Midfield stores. Call toll free 1-800-661-7002 for the name of your nearest retailer.