Albert and Ann Kneeshaw established Hi-Hog Pig Pens in 1967. In the early days, Albert designed and built quality pig penning in a small backyard welding shop while wife Ann did the painting. Their reputation for building durable, well designed solutions soon spread to the equine and cattle sectors. In 1973, to reflect the expanding business, the Kneeshaws changed the name of the company to Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment Ltd., (Incorporated in 1974)

When asked about the early days Albert said, “Our first concern was for the safety of the owners and their animals, and our focus was on quality and service.”

While these high standards laid the foundation, it was Hi-Hog’s openness to critical feedback from customers and dealers that propelled their reputation as a supplier of functional, well designed, easy to use, equipment. User feedback helped Hi-Hog’s growing design team focus on designing and building better solutions. Hi-Hog’s products evolved quickly, leading many loyal customers to visit Hi-Hog’s trade show booth just to see the latest improvements (and decide if it was time to upgrade).

Hi-Hog has continued to grow year after year, forcing the company to move twice and expand four times. In addition to larger manufacturing facilities Hi-Hog has also expanded the list of products they provide to include rodeo equipment, bison equipment, wellhead fencing, bleacher seating and more.

In the early 1990’s Hi Hog also expanded their design service. Since then, thousands of customers have been helped with the design of their facilities by Hi-Hog’s AutoCAD designers. In addition to the core cattle handling system designs Hi-Hog has designed and built equipment for veterinary facilities, livestock auction marts, large animal education facilities, zoos, livestock processing facilities, community pastures, cattle semen collection facilities, equine facilities, rodeo facilities, and many, many more.

As the company grew, so also did the Kneeshaw family. Albert and Ann had three daughters who all worked at Hi-Hog, and now two grandchildren and a son-in law continue to contribute to the ongoing success of the family company.

We are sincerely thankful to our loyal customers and dedicated dealers. Our core values remain the same; To listen to our customers and provide them with superior quality, design, value, safety and service.

Thank you.