Hi-Hog offers a full line of outstanding Rodeo Arena Equipment. If you’re looking for superior build, durability and functionality, check out our Bucking Chutes, Roping Chutes, Stripping Chutes, Sorting Chutes, Arena Panels and Complete Rodeo Design Assistance.

Hi Hog Rodeo Bucking Chutes
Rodeo Bucking Chutes

Hi-Hog’s bucking chutes are designed from the ground up to deliver enhanced safety, reliability, and functionality. This is a big, strong, lean and responsive chute.

Roping Dogging Timed Event 2 Stage Chutes 1200 1201
Roping Chute and Timed Event Box

Hi-Hog’s Two Stage Roping Chute and complete timed event box provide a safe starting point for your riders, horses and stock. The Two Stage Roping Chute, designed to handle both calves and steers, is manufactured using minimum 60,000 psi, high tensile steel tubing. Built to PRCA and CPRA specifications.

Hi Hog Rodeo Crocus
Rodeo Arena Design

Hi-Hog provides Expert rodeo facility design assistance to help individuals and rodeo associations develop their proposals for budgeting and grant applications.

Hi Hog Rodeo Stripping Chutes
Rodeo Stripping Chutes

Hi-Hog’s rodeo stripping chutes are created for the individual rodeo arena design using heavy duty standard stock products. The requirements and design for the timed event stripping chutes vary from the rough stock stripping chutes.

Hi Hog Rodeo Diagonal Feed Calf Sorting Arrow
Calf and Steer Sorting Arrow

Arrow sorting pens are critical to the success of rodeo timed events where competitors draw for their calf or steer.

Hi Hog Rodeo Panels and Gates
Rodeo Arena Panels, Gates, Accessories

Hi-Hog offers a range of Panels and Gates available for creating your rodeo arena.