For calving choose between Hi-Hog’s Calving Trimming Chute or their Calving Maternity Pen. When you’re ready to process your calves consider Hi-Hog’s creep feeder panel for sorting and their calf alley and calf tipping table for branding, castrating, and tagging.

Calving Maternity Pen
Calving Maternity Pen

Calving Maternity Pen (Calving Enclosure) with center mounted self-catch headgate provides unmatched accessibility in a stable maternity pen structure.

Hi Hog Calving Trimming Chute Calving Equipment 2023 Website 800 x 600
Calving / Trimming Chute

The versatile #125 Calving / Trimming Chute is very popular with vet clinics, 4-H’ers, and ranchers.

Hi Hog Calf Tipping Table 2022 Calving Cattle Handling
Calf Tipping Table

Hi-Hog’s small animal tipping table is an ideal chute for handling stock such as calves and goats.The table comes with a self-catch, auto-return headgate. The table can be set up for either left or right hand operation.

Hi Hog Calf Alley and Calf Tipping Table Calving Season Branding
Calf Alley

Hi-Hog offers three 18" wide, fixed width alley spreaders, and a sheeted calf alley panel to create an alley specifically for handling calves or small livestock.

Hi Hog Creep Feeder Panel for Calves
Creep Feeder Panel

This fence line feeder panel is primarily used to restrict large livestock from accessing feed in another pasture, shed or barn, while allowing calves stress free access.

Hi Hog Calf Sorting Gate
Calf Sorting Gate

Two gates in one. A heavy duty 6' high gate in frame for most of the year. But when it's time to sort your calves you can open just the bottom half of the gate to filter out your calves from the cows. The gate height can also be adjusted to match the height required for your calves.