Calving Maternity Pen
Calving Pen

Calving Maternity Pen with center mounted self-catch head gate provides unmatched accessiblity in a stable maternity pen structure.

Hi Hog Calving Trimming Chute
Calving Trimming Chute

The versatile calving chute / trimming chute is very popular with vet clinics, 4-H’ers, and ranchers.

Hi Hog Calf Tipping Table
Calf Tipping Table

Hi-Hog’s small animal tipping table is an ideal chute for handling stock such as calves and goats.The table comes with a self-catch, auto-return headgate. The table can be set up for either left or right hand operation.

Hi Hog Calf Alley
Calf Alley

Hi-Hog's calf alley components give you the flexibility to tie into your existing Hi-Hog handling system without the need for custom parts.

Hi Hog Creep Feeder Panel for Calves
Creep Feeder Panel

This fence line feeder panel is primarily used to restrict large livestock from accessing feed in another pasture, shed or barn, while allowing calves stress free access.