The articles below offer detailed explanations on a variety of cattle handling tasks. Each article includes drawings and livestock behavior references to support the techniques.

Low stress cattle herding

This cattle handling technique looks at how a handler can move a small herd of cattle through careful positioning and movement in both the zone of influence and the flight zone.

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Working a Bud Box

Learn how to design and work a Bud Box safely and efficiently.

Working cattle in a sorting alley

Safe and efficient livestock sorting requires, good sorting facility design, quality livestock equipment and calm handlers with an excellent knowledge of livestock behavior. This artical focuses on your facility design and your handling techniques.

Working Cattle in a sorting hub

While the entire sorting process is often done in the alley, sometimes, if help is available, the sorting task can be shared between a sorting hub and sorting alley. This works well in commmunity pastures

Working the Flight Zone

This brief article will provide you with a better understanding of the flight zone. Every rancher should have a clear understanding of what the flight zone is and how to interact with it.