Item Number: Bleacher Seating Frames

Durable 16' long engineered bleacher frames available in 5-Row and 10-Row models. Hi-Hog’s bleacher frame kits are ideal for Ag Societies, Parks, & Arena’s. This item is only available to Canadian customers.

Hi-Hog 5-Row Bleacher Frame

5-Row Bleacher Frame with RH Stairs

Hi-Hog 10-Row Bleacher Frame

10-Row Bleacher Frame with RH Stairs

Each bleacher section measures 16 linear feet in width. Bleacher sections can be joined end-to-end to provide continuous seating up to 64’ in width.

identify where you require stairs when ordering

Bleachers can be connected to create longer bleacher sections


  • The Canadian Building code requires one set of stairs for every two continuous 16’ sections of bleacher seating.
  • Individual bleacher sections are required to have a set of stairs.
Bleacher seating for public events

Hi-Hog's Durable Five and 10 Row Bleacher Frames are Built to Meet ICC300 Standards

5-Row Seating Capacity

Right Hand Interior Left Hand Capacity
1 - - 42
- - 1 42
1 1 - 93
- 1 1 93
1 - 1 85
1 1 1 136
1 2 1 190


10-Row Seating Capacity

Right Hand Interior Left Hand Capacity
1 - - 82
- - 1 82
1 1 - 183
- 1 1 183
1 - 1 165
1 1 1 266
1 2 1 375


*The seating capacity is based on each seat having a width of 18”

Bleacher Frame Package

The bleacher frame package includes steel frame and steel frame fasteners.

NOTE: Wood and wood fasteners are not included with this package.

Please be aware that the bleacher frame will vary depending on how you wish to combine your bleacher seating frames.

For example, a standalone bleacher frame will require the same number of side handrails as four sets of continuous bleacher frames. Similarly, the left-hand bleacher is different from a right-hand bleacher frame and a standard bleacher frame. Additionally, a set of bleachers with stairs is different than a set of bleacher without stairs. 

If you have any questions please give us a call and our design staff will help you determine what parts you will need to meet your bleacher seating requirements. Toll Free 1-800-661-7002

NOTE: This product is only available for Canadian Customers.

NOTE: this product has been manufactured to meet ICC300 Standards.

Optional Sign Frames

Bleacher Sign Frame

# 8963 Optional Promotional Sign Frames

Support your sponsors or bring in some additional revenue by adding optional sign frames to the back of your bleacher frames. The sign frames are designed to easily attach to your bleacher frame.

The sign frames are designed to hold a 2' x 4' sign. Pre-drilled holes in the sign frame make it easy to securely bolt your sign in place. Item #8963


Assembly Instructions:

The downloadable pdf instruction files are large and may take several minutes to download. If you need additional help please call our sales office.

Estimate wood requirements and seating capacity

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