Save Hay, Save Time, Save Money

“Considering the substantial effort required to produce high-quality hay, an equal effort should be made to minimize the losses from contamination and waste during the feeding process. Too often, a round bale is dumped into a field and, within a few days, the livestock tear the bale apart, defecate and urinate on it, tramp it into the ground and use the remainder as expensive bedding. Without the protection of a bale feeder, as much as 50% of the dry matter content of bales can be lost.”
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of round bale feeders, fenceline feeders, and two bale feeders to choose from. Additionally we manufacture the Nifty feed dispenser as well as bale handling equipment.

954 Tombstone Round Bale Feeder 800x600
Round Bale Livestock Feeders

Hi-Hog offers four styles of Round Bale Livestock Feeders designed to help you save on feed.

Hi Hog Hurricane Square Bale Feeder
Square Bale Feeders

Hi-Hog’s square bale feeder is the perfect feeder for the cow / calf operator feeding square bales. Four rugged hurricane feeder panels quickly pin together to create a rigid square bale livestock feeder.

Hi Hog Hurricane 2 Bale Feeder
Multi-Bale Feeders

Hi-Hog offers two styles of multi-bale feeder; Tombstone, Slant-Bar and Hurricane.

Hi Hog Fence Line Livestock Feeder Panels R1
Fence Line Feeder Panels

Hi-Hog offers four styles of fence line feeder panels; Tombstone feeder panel, Hurricane feeder panel, Slant-Bar feeder panel, and creep feeder panel.

Hi Hog Bale Handling Equipment
Bale Handling Spears

Hi-Hog has two bale spear styles for you to choose from; a 3-point hitch bale handling spear and a bucket mount bale handling spear.

Hi Hog Nifty Livestock Feed Dispenser
Feed Dispenser

The Nifty Feed Dispenser allows one person with a round bale handler, trailer style feeder, or optional Nifty Feed Dispenser Trailer, to load, transport and dispense grain, cake feed, pellets or supplements to livestock under range feeding conditions.