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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the outdoors with Hi-Hog’s contoured metal park bench kit for portable or stationary installation.

Contoured Metal Park Bench Kit

Contoured Metal Park Bench Kit

Durable all-welded metal park bench frame

Contoured metal park bench kit

Heavy Duty Park Bench Frames

  • 4” square steel support legs
  • 3/8” x 4” formed steel base.
  • 3/8” thick contoured bench support frame
  • Powder coated (hunter green)

NOTE: we provide the park bench frame kit only. The DIY Park Bench kit includes two heavy duty park bench supports (item 6160, 58 lbs.). You provide the wood and wood fasteners for the seat and backrest. We have used standard spruce 2x4’s with an oil stain finish in the sample shown, but you can use other types of wood like pine, fir, cedar, or any wood substitute you desire. In our example we used 6’ long 2x4’s. You can adjust the length based on your requirements, and the strength of the material you select for the seating and backrest.


Contoured park bench seat and back support

The bench frame is carefully formed to ensure each plank mounts flush with the steel support. The frames are designed for standard 2x4 lumber. Once your wood (or wood substitute) is installed, you will enjoy the comfort of a smooth and inviting contoured bench. The even spacing of your lumber provides airflow between each board which improves airflow for more rapid drying following rain.

Formed Park Bench Steel Support Frame

Smooth contoured support for comfort

This bench can be used as a portable bench or installed for stationary applications.


Portable Installation

The full seating area is forward from the back edge of the base plate which makes it stable on its own. The formed base shifts the load to the outside of the base frame to provide stable footing.

Park Bench Kit provides stable footing

Formed Base distributes weight to the outside edge

Stationary Installation

If you choose to make a stationary install, you will require 4 anchors. The design of the anchor would be determined by the type of surface you install your bench on.

For installation on concrete we recommend 3/8” x 3 3/4” wedge anchors (anchors not included).

Contoured Park Bench Kit from Hi-Hog 

Recommended Wood Required 

Wood or wood substitute, fasteners, and anchors not included 

Quantity Part  Description
9 2x4 x 72" #2 grade Spruce 2x4 or better
18 5/16 - Regular - Type B Plain Washer (Inch) Type A and B
18 5/16 - 18 - Top Insert Type Prevailing Torque Type Hex Nut
18 5/16 - 18 - 2 1/2" Cross Recessed Truss Head Machine Screw

Hi-Hog Park metal park bench kit


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