Hi-Hog's designers have developed hundreds of designs for a wide range of customers. Check out this section for design inspiration.

Sample Bison Systems

A collection of sample bison corrals and handling facilities

Sample Calving Barn Designs

A collection of sample calving barn designs and plans

Sample Cattle Corrals

A collection of sample cattle corral designs and plans

Sample Cattle Handling Systems

Check out Hi-Hog's collection of sample cattle handling systems for some design inspiration.

Sample Custom Facility Designs

A collection of drawings prepared for a wide range of specialty clients.

Sample Horse Barns

Browse through a sampling of horse barns featuring Hi-Hog's box stalls, standing tie stalls, and portable horse stalls.

Sample Rodeo and Riding Arenas

Browse from a wide selection of timed event, rough stock, ranch, and pleasure riding arena designs.

Sample Well Head Fence Enclosures

A collection of sample well head fence enclosures