Hi-Hog is your source for quality equine equipment including box stalls, standing tie stalls, and portable event stalls. We also offer three outstanding round pens, and for those on the road, portable horse corral panels.

Quick installation, easy operation, safe and durable construction

Hi Hog Box Stalls Front v2
Box Stalls

Hi-Hog’s box stalls will make a handsome addition to your barn. The modular design makes it easy to create a design that meets your needs and budget. The stall fronts and partitions come in 10′ and 12′ lengths. Custom lengths are also available.

Hi Hog Standing Tie Stalls
Standing Tie Stalls

Hi-Hog’s ample 5’ wide by 10′ long standing tie stalls provide enough room for your horse to lie down while reducing the amount of hay and bedding waste compared with a standard box stall, open stall or loose box.

Hi Hog Portable Event Horse Stalls
Portable Horse Stalls

Best-in-class portable horse stalls for your equestrian event. Hi-Hog’s portable event stalls are designed and constructed to provide horse shows and equestrian events with a superior temporary stall solution.

Hi Hog Horse Stall Accessories
Horse Stall Accessories

Accessorize your Hi-Hog box stall with a new corner feeder, hay manger or blanket hanger

Hi Hog Round Pen Selection
Round Pens

Hi-Hog offers three outstanding round pen options for horse trainers; the Rocky Mountain Round Pen, the Savanna round pen and the Parkland Round Pen. The panels used to create each of these round pens are designed specifically for safe horse training.
Other colour options are available at an additional charge.

Hi Hog Portable Horse Corral Pen
Portable Horse Corrals

Hi-Hog’s portable horse corral is the perfect answer for those looking for temporary penning for their pony, horse, or llama.

954 Tombstone Round Bale Feeder 800x600
Horse Feeders

Hi-Hog's Tombstone Horse Feeder has no top rail. Horses can feed, without damaging their mane.
We also offers several horse feeder options to choose from including, hay racks, corner box stall feeders, feed mangers, round bale feeders, and fence line feeders.