Hi-Hog’s bison squeeze chutes and bison handling systems have been designed from the ground up to safely and efficiently process your livestock.

We’ve been helping bison producers for decades. We are here to help you find the best solution for your ranch.

Hi Hog Hydraulic Bison Squeeze Chute
Hydraulic Bison Squeeze Chutes

The Hi-Hog Hydraulic Bison Chute is designed to safely and efficiently handle bison. This chute has been designed from the ground up to address the distinct structure and behaviour of the Bison.

Manual Bison Chute from Hi-Hog
Manual Bison Squeeze Chute

The same heavy duty construction as the hydraulic bison chute without the hydraulic controls.

Hi Hog Bison Handling Alley
Bison Handling Systems

Hi-Hog has developed a safe and reliable bison handling system based on decades of experience and feedback from bison ranchers and vets. Simply combine the modular components to meet the specific needs of your bison facilities.

Hi Hog Bison Panels and Gates
Bison Panels and Gates

Hi-Hog offers a variety of 84" high, bison panels and bison gates for building your bison handling facilities and bison corrals. Available in 7-rail as well as hotroll metal sheeted.