Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chutes
Squeeze Chutes

Choose from two outstanding cattle squeeze chutes: Hi-Hog's hydraulic squeeze chute or Hi-Hog's manual Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Hi Hog Cattle Squeeze Chute Accessories
Squeeze Chute Options

Add features to your Hi-Hog squeeze chute with an optional sternum bar, neck extender, head sweep or squeeze trailer.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle Squeeze Chute Options

Hi Hog Cattle Head Gates
Head gates

Hi-Hog offers three styles of head gates:
The self-catch cattle squeeze head gate, manual cattle squeeze head gate and the self-catch calving chute head gate.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle Squeeze Chute Head Gates

Hi Hog Palpation Equipment Options
Palpation Options

Hi-Hog offers both a fixed width and an adjustable palpation cage, as well as a Palpation and Sorting Alley Section (PASS Section)
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle Palpation Cages

Hi Hog Cattle Working Alleys
Working Alleys

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of cattle working alley systems. All the systems use a common connector system so you can combine the varius systems to create a custom alley that fits your cattle ranch needs.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle Working Alleys

Hi Hog Crowding Tubs sweeps and bud boxes
Crowding Tubs

Learn more about Hi-Hog's wide array of cattle crowding tub options.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Cattle tubs and sweeps

Hi Hog Livestock Loading Chutes
Loading Chute

Hi-Hog’s adjustable cattle loading chute is the only loading chute you need. The extra heavy duty loading ramp quickly adjusts for secure loading from stock trailers to cattle liners.
Cattle Handling Equipment > Livestock Loading Chutes