Item Number: Bucking Chutes

Pound for pound, the best bucking chutes available

Hi-Hog’s bucking chutes are designed from the ground up to deliver enhanced safety, reliability, and functionality. This is a big, strong, lean and responsive bucking chute.

Hi Hog rodeo bucking chutes rear view

Set of three bucking chutes - rear view

From foundation to finish this is a superior set of bucking chutes.

The strength begins with a solid skid frame foundation built with 4.5” OD, 0.337 wall tubing. The durability continues up through the rugged chute frame made with 3.5” OD 0.250 wall tubing. You will find top quality materials throughout the design, from 10, 11, and 14-gauge hot roll metal sheeting to Hi-Hog's  architectural grade powder coat finish with UV inhibitors. This is no lightweight. The starting chute weighs 2,173 Lbs. The weight of the chute is a strong indicator of the build quality and the durability you might expect from your chute.

Hi-Hog rodeo Bucking Chutes

One starter chute and two add-on chutes - front view

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A strong and agile bucking chute.

Great care has gone into the design to deliver you outstanding functionality and highly responsive controls. The offset hinges allow the release gate to swing back flat against the face of your bucking chutes. The hinges include custom-made grease-less Tivar® bushings for exceptionally smooth performance. Additionally, the hinges have been set in a contoured frame to minimize hazardous projections, improving the safety and security of both stock and rider.

Hi-Hog rodeo Bucking Chutes front elevation

Release gate swings back flat against chutes

Responsive and reliable release latch
The release gate latch provides exceptional responsiveness and reliability. The solid spring-loaded lever latch is set in two heavy steel guides lined with Tivar® for near frictionless operation. To ensure the gate responds quickly under pressure the solid square steel plunger glides on another sheet of Tivar®. Tivar® components use high grade Tivar® with UV inhibitors for outdoor use.

The closure latch on a Hi-Hog Rodeo Equipment Bucking Chute is secure and easy to operate.

Hi-Hog's Easy Glide Bucking Chute Gate Latch

Tivar® provides:

  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • low coefficient of friction
  • no moisture absorption
  • corrosion resistant
  • excellent noise abatement
  • excellent impact strength
  • maintains key physical properties to -30° C

Many bucking chutes include open slots behind the latch of the release gate. These open slots can get you in a lot of trouble very quickly. This gap is all a bull needs to reach a horn through and open the gate on their own. To avoid this hazard Hi-Hog has installed a steel guard behind the latch controls.

Large, open and efficient catwalks
Keeping spectators happy has a lot to do with the efficiency of operations behind the bucking chutes. To make this job easier Hi-Hog widened the catwalks to just over 51 inches and surfaced the catwalk with heavy expanded metal mesh to ensure excellent traction at all times. 

Interior view of bucking chutes

Sheeted smooth on the inside of the chutes

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Operator friendly rolling doors
To make life behind the chutes even better Hi-Hog eliminated the upper door rail. The rolling doors travel smoothly on a shortened upper track with support from a lower track and guide. With the upper door rail gone movement behind the chutes is wide open for more efficient operations.

The door frame is filled with heavy 10-gauge sheet metal and then the lower 4’ of each door is clad with an additional protective layer of 3/4” rubber.

Hi-Hog's door locks are simple and safe to operate and lock automatically when closed.

To ensure stockmen and competitors can easily access the elevated walk we offer optional stairs complete with handrail. These stairs are designed to pin on to the center of any catwalk section.

Hi-Hog rodeo Bucking Chutes Walkways

Large walkways for easy access

NOTE:To facilitate shipping the walkway can be folded up against the side of the chute.

Modular Components

Hi-Hog Bucking Chutes Exploded Plan View

Exploded view of modular rodeo bucking chute components

Hi-Hog’s bucking chutes are based on a modular design which makes it easy to start with one chute and add additional chutes at a later date. The starting chute includes two blocking gates. Additional chutes include only one block gate. To attach Hi-Hog panels directly to the last chute you will require the panel adapter frame. This panel adapter frame bolts to the end chute and includes connectors which will tie in with any Hi-Hog panels.

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Bucking Chute Components:
The Bucking Chutes are available in left hand or right hand release options. When the bull is in the chute, his nose will be at the hinge end of the chute. If the release gate is on the bulls right side the chute is referred to as a right-hand chute.

Hi Hog Bucking Chutes Three Section Plan View

Bucking Chutes - Sample Plan View

Lead Bucking Chute

Hi-Hog rodeo Bucking Chutes Single Chute

Lead Bucking Chute

The lead bucking chute is the first chute the rough stock will enter. The lead chute is longer than the add on chutes as it includes a blocking door at both ends of the chute. The lead chute is available with either a left hand or right hand exit.

Lead Chute Options:

  • Item #1750, Left Hand Bucking Chute – First Section
  • Item #1760, Right Hand Bucking Chute – First Section

Lead Chute Specs:

  • Outside Length: 114″
  • Outside Width of skid frame: 37.5″
  • Outside Width at top of chute: 49″
  • Height at Door above finished grade: 91.25″
  • Height at the top of the panel above finished grade: 72.25″
  • Inside Length: 103.5″
  • Inside Width: 32″
  • Weight: 2206 lbs.

Add-On Chute

As the name suggests the add-on bucking chute allows you to add additional bucking chutes to your set of bucking chutes. Add on chutes will bolt onto both the lead chute as well as an add-on chute. 

Add-On Chute Options:

  • Item #1751, Left Hand Bucking Chute – Add-on Section
  • Item #1761, Right Hand Bucking Chute – Add-on Section

Add-On Chute Specs:

  • Outside Length: 103.5″
  • Outside Width: 37.5″
  • Height at Door above finished grade: 91.25″
  • Height at the top of the panel above finished grade: 72.25″
  • Inside Length when tied to another chute: 103.5″
  • Inside Width: 32″
  • Weight: 1670 lbs.

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Connecting Frame

The connector frame bolts onto the end of your bucking chute run. The connector frame adds a set of panel connectors to the end of your bucking chutes so you can pin any of Hi-Hog's panels directly to the end of your bucking chutes. Typically you would be using Hi-Hog's 6' high heavy duty panels for the perimeter of your rough stock rodeo arena. The connector frame can bolt to either the lead chute or an add-on chute.

Connector Frame Options:

  • Item #1752, Left Hand Bucking Chute – Connector Frame
  • Item #1762, Right Hand Bucking Chute – Connector Frame

Connector Frame Specs:

  • Outside Length including connectors and mounting brackets: 7.25″
  • Outside Width: 38″
  • Outside Height Total: 90″
  • Inside Width: 32″
  • Weight: 39 lbs.

Catwalk Stairs

The heavy-duty steel construction stairs come with checker plate treads and a solid handrail. While this is an optional item it is highly recommended as the catwalks are mounted 32” above grade. The handrail can be bolted onto either side of the stairs. The stairs can be mounted to the center of any of the catwalk sections. 

  • Catwalk Stairs, Item #1770 

Catwalk Stair Specs:

  • Length: 29″
  • Width of stair tread: 24″
  • Height of catwalk from finished grade: 32″
  • Height of highest point of railing from finished grade: 66″
  • Number of treads: 4
  • Rise (stair height): 8″
  • Run (stair tread depth): 7.125″
  • Weight: 136 lbs.

Optional Entry Corners.

The gentler turn of the entry corners promotes smoother and more efficient flow from the back pens into the bucking chutes. The frame of the entry corner provides connectors for mounting a center return alley gate.

Entry Corner Options:

  • Item #1753, Left Hand Bucking Chute – Entry Corner Section
  • Item #1763, Right Hand Bucking Chute – Entry Corner Section

Entry Corner Specs:

  • Height: 72″
  • Outside Dimensions: 42″ x 49.25″
  • Shipping Dimensions (KDF): 69.25″ x 6.75″ x 72″
  • Inside Width: 32″ at entry and exit, 34.5″ at mid way point
  • Weight: 287 lbs

Note: Hi-Hog's 32" alley spreader (Item 20) will pin directly to the entry corner.


Table of Bucking Chute Components

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
1750 Lead Bucking Chute - Left Exit 2206
1751 Add-on Bucking Chute - Left Exit 1670
1752 End Connector Frame - Left Exit 39
1753 Entry Corner - Left Exit 287
1760 Lead Bucking Chute - Right Exit 2206
1761 Add-on Bucking Chute - Right Exit 1670
1762 End Connector Frame - Right Exit 39
1763 Entry Corner - Right Exit 287
1770 Catwalk Stairs


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Optional Crash Pad for your rolling doors, Item 1759, Weight 13 LBS.

Bucking Chute Crash Pads

Customer Reviews

5 Star Bucking Bulls support for Hi-Hog bucking chutes

Bucking Chutes at 5-Star Bucking Bulls

“Hi-Hog’s Bucking Chutes” have been an incredible addition to our bull riding event. These chutes are heavy-duty, but yet durable enough to make them easy to handle. The set-up of these chutes takes no time at all, just set them down, line them up, and slide together to bolt. The rolling divider gates between each chute is a great addition too instead of having the roller on the top and having to duck around it while flanking, Hi-Hog puts the track on the bottom and gives you all the room one needs to walk back and forth on their platforms without worrying about hitting a track.

The Hi-Hog chutes benefits animal safety also; these chutes have nice rounded edges to reduce the risk of having any animals getting cut or injured. The spacing of the bars on the chute gates are also adequately spaced to cut down immensely on the possibility of an animal getting its leg caught in between the bars.

Hi-Hog also uses a 1-motion latch system so when the gate is being pulled, the person on the latch end can help throw the gate while in the same motion as opening it. Since getting these chutes last summer, we have used them at 3 different venues and have received multiple complements from bull-riders, bronc riders and contractors on how nice they work, feel and perform. I encourage anyone that is looking to purchase chutes to buy a Hi-Hog. We are glad we did!

Justin Stringer, 5 Star Bucking Bulls, LLP, Sanborn, ND


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Bucking Chutes, Bull Chutes, Bronc Chutes, Roughstock Chutes