Item Number: Custom Product Design and Manufacturing

Take advantage of Hi-Hog's extensive experience as a production manufacturer. Their well-equipped welding and fabrication shop, skilled staff, and economies of scale, allow Hi-Hog to design, manufacture and supply custom steel products for a wide range of industries in the Calgary, Alberta area.

Hi-Hog Custom Design and ManufacturingBenefits

  • Design Experience. Experienced designers look at a design challenge from a wider set of value perspectives. A great product that can’t be shipped to the customer is of little value
  • Production Experience. Hi-Hog is a production welding shop with experience serving hundreds of dealers. They know how to design and build efficiently and consistently
  • Welding Experience. The longevity, strength, and finish of a product has much to do with the experience of the individuals welding up the product
  • The right tools for the job. Hi-Hog is fully equipped with the manufacturing tools and required safety equipment
  • Buying Power. Hi-Hog purchases a lot of steel. As a result, they are typically able to buy their raw materials at a lower price
  • Hi-Hog has one of the largest powder coat paint booths in the Province. Capable of painting items up to 39’ long, 9’ high and 9’ wide. (Booth is 40’ long inside with a 10’ x 10’ door opening)
  • Focus your resources on what you do best and let Hi-Hog’s staff do what they do best.

Custom Product Examples

  • Require a solid steel framework for mounting your product
    • Example One: client required a steel table frame for mounting their CNC cutting tools
    • Example Two: client require a steel frame to insert their plastic tank
  • Require a steel rack to support your raw materials or finished goods
    • Example Three: required heavy duty storage racks to support power poles in finished goods yard
    • Example Four: required product stands that allowed rolled product to be unrolled and cut to length
    • Example Five: required spools for holding rolls of wire
  • Require custom steel items for facilities
    • Example Six: Golf course required rope stakes that included branded graphics
    • Example Seven: Horse jumping facility required steel sign frames that could be installed around their facilities.

Metal Processing Equipment:

(this list is incomplete - call for details)

  • • CNC – Plasma Table
    • CNC – 4 Axis Milling Machine
    • CNC – Turning Centre
    • CNC – Hydraulic Press
    • CNC – Bandsaw
    • Roll Cutters
    • Punch Presses
    • 10’ Break
    • 10’ Shear
    • Tube Benders
    • Tube Roller
    • Plate Roller
    • Cold Saw
    • Ironworker
    • Hydraulic Presses

Powder Coat Paint Booth:

  • 40' long with a 10' x 10' entry/exit

Design Software:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk AutoCAD


  • Hi-Hog has a 10-acre yard in North East Calgary, Alberta
  • 38,000 ft² welding shop
  • Just North of the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Just East of Stoney Trail