In addition to the many veterinary facilities where Hi-Hog’s products can be found, you will also find their outstanding products in several Research and Education Facilities such as:

Vet facilities often require some creative and flexible penning in order to fit complex demands into a small space. Hi-Hog's experienced design staff will work with your team to develop scaled AutoCAD drawings of your project. This process allows for review and development of an accurate working plan.

Hi-Hog's knowledgeable designers can utilize a large toolbox of heavy duty standard equipment to minimize the number of custom parts required (keeping production costs and production time to a minimum). When custom parts are required, you can be sure the custom parts will fit your site correctly and integrate with Hi-Hog's standard products. 

Hi-Hog's will provide you with accurate itemized AutoCAD drawings, complete with dimensions. This will be accompanied by a corresponding parts list and quote for your review (including estimated delivery dates, if required).

Once the client is happy with the plan and the quote is approved, Hi-Hog will begin the production process.  The client can rest assured that they will receive all of the correct parts to build their new facilities. 

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Note: a custom product design consultancy fee may be required if your project requires custom designed products. 

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