Whether you are building a bull semen collection facility, a feedlot, meat packing facility, border inspection facility, or community pasture, Hi-Hog can help you develop a safe and efficient livestock penning plan as well as supply you with the outstanding heavy duty products you need to complete your project.

Semen Collection Facilities

The design team at Hi-Hog have developed the plans and products needed to have a safe and efficient semen collection facility. The two standard barn designs are for individual mature bulls or group pens for younger bulls. The pen systems are designed with a series of gates to make it easier to clean the pens while maintaining the critical safety requirements demanded when working these livestock. Some of these projects include:

  • Eastern Breeders, Guelph, ON
  • Alta Genetics, Balzac, AB
  • Alta Genetics, Conrich, AB
  • Alta Genetics, Bearspaw, AB
  • Alta Genetics, Crossfield AB
  • Alta Genetics, Watertown, WI
  • ABS Global, DeForest, WI

Feedlots & Packing Facilities

Feedlots require durable products to stand-up to the heavy use. Feedlot facilities often require wind screen paneling, heavy gates, and solid posts. For Packing facilities the primary goal is to provide highly efficient unloading facilities and systems for moving livestock efficiently to the floor.

  • Cargill Foods, High River, AB
  • Lakeside Packers (XL Foods), Brooks, AB

Border Inspection Facilities

Border inspection facilities need to be well laid out to ensure efficient processing. The facilities also need to be secure to ensure the animals do not have any way of escaping the facilities. And of course they need to be very safe and strong as the livestock can be more sensitive to the foreign working system. 

  • Abbotsford Border Crossing

Community Pastures

Community Pastures, Provincial Grazing Reserves and Special Areas lands are lands that are often leased and shared by a number of individual ranchers looking for summer pasture. The processing facilities required by these groups are unique both to the site as well as to how the livestock are processed.

Hi-Hog has assisted a number of these facilities in developing safe, highly efficient plans for their facility as well as supplying all the panels and gates required to complete the job.

Note: a custom product design consultancy fee may be required if your project requires custom designed products.

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