Choose from two outstanding cattle squeeze chutes: Hi-Hog's hydraulic squeeze chute or Hi-Hog's manual Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute.

1556 Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Hi Hog 2023 Side Open Tailgate Closed 800 x 600
Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle squeeze chute reduces livestock stress and increases efficient cattle handling, all while keeping both stock and operator safe.

1550 Manual PA Squeeze Chute 2023 Hi Hog Cattle Handling
Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Hi-Hog’s manual parallel axis (PA) squeeze chute is highly regarded for its effortless handling, highly efficient operation, simple, safe design, and unmatched accessibility. Available with self-catch headgate, self-catch headgate with neck extender, or manual headgate..