Item Number: Hydraulic Cattle Chutes 1556, 1566

Hi-Hog’s hydraulic cattle squeeze chute reduces livestock stress and increases efficient cattle handling, all while keeping both stock and operator safe.

At 2,100 pounds, you will be hard pressed to find a chute offering better value per pound.

Hi-Hog Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute Benefit from a long list of low stress cattle handling features

  • Both the head gate stanchion and tail gate open to the full 31” width of the chute for unrestricted livestock flow
  • The head gate stanchions are parallel so your cattle are not at risk of choking
  • The head gate is mounted with impact absorbing springs to minimize livestock bruising
  • The parallel sides are gently sloped to naturally support your livestock without affecting the stability of their footing
  • When the sides of the chute are squeezed, they move together and forward in a smooth parallel motion providing even pressure from the floor to the shoulder. The parallel motion keep your livestock centered, stable, and supported
  • The interior of the bottom of the chute is enclosed with sheet metal. This protects your livestock from foot traps and sharp edges while also making it more difficult for your cattle to climb the sides
  • All sheeted components are caulked for quiet, low stress operation
  • The floor of Hi-Hog’s chute is made with heavy checker plate with large integrated 1.25" x 1.25" square traction bars to provide your cattle with confident and secure footing
  • Both of the hydraulic pump options come with long hydraulic lines to allow you freedom to locate the pump away from the chute (where the noise and vibration of the pump will have a minimum impact on the stress levels of your livestock).
Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute with three way exit

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Outstanding Animal Access and Flow

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  • All chutes come standard with both a left and right side-exit
  • Each side of the chute includes 7 access panels for unmatched animal access:
    • 1 fully removeable shoulder-access panel
    • 4 body-access panels
    • 2 foot-access panels
  • Both the foot and body access panels open and lay flat against the chute to maximize operator access.
  • The chute comes with an adjustable neck extender which can be adjusted to provide 4 1/4”, 5 3/4”, or 7 1/4” openings between the head gate and the neck extender bars
  • For greater head control, you can use the included ¼” x 90” chain and pigtail latches.
  • If you don’t wish to use the neck extender you can quickly and easily remove it

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Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute with full animal access

Superior Cattle Access

Easy Operation

  • The chute can be set up for either left or right side operation (the factory settings are for left side operation) 
  • Both side exits can be easily opened and closed from either the left or right side of the chute
  • All side access panels come with gravity slam latches that are fast and easy to operate with one hand, even with mitts on

For your safety

  • A guard rail is included on the side exits to protect the body-access panel latches from livestock contact
  • The foot-access panel latches include a slide lock for additional security when the panels are raised
  • The side exit gates come with both slam latches and slide locks
  • Alignment plates are included to restrict animals from distorting the side exit panels out of latch alignment.
  • The rear two body-access panels include slots for a back-up bar.

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Hydraulic Controls

  • The hydraulic controls are mounted on a pivot arm for squeeze control where you want it (340 degree range)
  • The squeeze chute comes with four hydraulic controls;
    1. head gate
    2. squeeze sides
    3. tail gate
    4. spare valve (use this to add hydraulic functionality where you wish)
  • Each hydraulic circuit includes hydraulic line locks
  • Pressures are set at the factory at 1200 psi
  • Choose either an electric hydraulic pump or gas hydraulic pump


Quality Design, Construction and Materials

  • The bottom track on the head gate and tailgate is designed for easy clean-out
  • Each chute includes 26 grease fittings to ensure smooth operation year after year
  • All primary hinge points are pre-greased with premium arctic grade grease for extreme weather use.
  • Includes premium quality, 3/8” diameter, double braided, all weather, side-exit control ropes 
  • 60,000 psi high tensile North American heavy wall steel tubing
  • Durable polyester powder coat paint finish

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Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute Options

Hydraulic Pump Options:

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute with Electric Power Pack, Item No 1556

Hi-Hog’s 2 horsepower electric hydraulic pump is set at the factory to pump 1.5 gallons/minute at 1000 psi. The electric pump can run on either 110 V or, for best performance, 220 V.

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute with Gas Power Pack, Item No 1566

Hi-Hog hydraulic squeeze chute gas power pack

Hydraulic Power Pack - Gas

Hi-Hog’s 5.5 horsepower gas hydraulic pump offers 15.2 gallons/minute at low pressure and 3.3 gallons/minute at high pressure.

The power pack includes a by-pass valve which makes it:

  • easier to pull start the engine
  • faster to warm up to full operating temperature
  • faster to warm the hydraulic oil in the tank.

If you have a pull start pump without a by-pass valve, you need to turn the engine over as well as the hydraulic pump and forcing the oil through the full length of the pressure and return lines. That is much harder 

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Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Options

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
1556 Hydraulic Chute with electric powered hydraulic pump 2,331
1566 Hydraulic Chute with gas powered hydraulic pump 2,351


  • Outside Length: 111 9/16"
  • Inside Length: 99"
  • Outside Height: 96 1/4"
  • Inside Height Clearance: 72 1/2"
  • Base Width: 40"
  • Inside Width - squeeze at full width: 33"
  • Inside Width - squeeze at narrow width: 12 1/2"


Customer Reviews


“This chute is quiet, heavy duty and built to last. The control arm allows us to run the hydraulic chute from numerous positions, while the cattle move through with ease.  The chute design allows great accessibility for preg-testing, semen testing, and positioning calves to nurse. This has been a great addition to our cattle working operation.”
Noble Ranch - Bonanza, Oregon


The chute has cut our work time in half. we no longer need a hot shot, the cattle load themselves when it opens. Worst case, we have to use a poker stick.  Don can work the cattle by himself if necessary, but his wife is willing to help now.

Santos Angus Ranch, Glide Oregon

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Hi-Hog Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute - Operators Manual

Canadian Funding Opportunities

Funding may be available in some Canadian Provinces through the ‘Canadian Agricultural Partnership′ program to help offset some of the costs on the purchase of a squeeze complete with neck extender. The funding programs vary from province to province. Canadian Agricultural Partnership Links

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute #1556 with optional #1535 Head Holder.

The Video below shows Hi-Hog's #1556 Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute with the optional #1535 Head Holder with it's self-contained Hydraulic Lock Reservoir in action at the Weigh In at the Alberta Hereford Association's annual event in Red Deer.

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute #1556 with optional #1535 Head Holder