Item Number: Equine Round Pens

Hi-Hog offers three outstanding round pen options for horse trainers; the Rocky Mountain Round Pen, Savanna Round Pen and the Parkland Round Pen.

The panels used to create each of these round pens are designed specifically for safe horse training.

Hi-Hog - Rocky Mountain - Horse Round Pen

Rocky Mountain Round Pen

The 6′ high Rocky Mountain sheeted round pen is designed for the equine enthusiast who wants the best. To create a smooth and continuous ’round’ ring each panel is curved. Additionally, the sides are tapered for superior protection of both horse and rider. The Rocky Mountain round pen is simply without peer.

Each 60′ round pen requires 17 panels (item 2930) and 1 gate-in-frame (item 2935).

Rocky Mountain Round Pen Parts

  • Rocky Mountain Round Pen Panel, Item #2930, 203 lbs
  • Rocky Mountain Round Pen Frame with Gate, Item #2935, 252 lbs

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Hi Hog - Savanna - Horse Round Pen

Savanna Round Pen 

Hi-Hog's Savanna round pen positions itself between the Rocky Mountain round pen and the Parkland round pen (shown below). 

Each panel section measures approximately 8'-6" in length (note: the panels are tapered at the bottom). Panels are 6' high.

A 50' inside radius round pen requires 18 sections. Each section can be either a panel or a gate.

The frame with gate is the same length as the panels so you can relocate your gate, or add a gate, simply by swapping out panels. 

Savanna Round Pen Parts

  • Savanna Round Pen Panel, Item #2912, 89 lbs
  • Savanna Round Pen Frame with Gate, Item #2913, 166 lbs
  • Note: weights shown do not include the weight of the wood.

Note: Wood and wood fasteners are not included. The lower panel can be filled with whatever material you wish. Standard wood installation would be either:

  • 4 pieces of 2 x 8, or
  • 2 pieces of 2 x 12 and 1 piece of 2 x 8
  • Recommend 5/16" Type B, Plain Washers, 5/16" - 18 UNC-@.25 Hex Cap Screw, and 5/16 - 18 Top Insert Type Prevailing Torque Type Hex Nut
  • Note: the longest piece of wood would be 8' and the lower wood pieces would be 95.75", 95", and 94.25" in length.

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Parkland Round Pen

Hi Hog - Parkland - Horse Round Pen

Parkland Round Pen

Designed specifically for the equine industry, Hi-Hog’s Parkland round pen panels represent the perfect balance of portability and strength.

Both the panels and gates are 6’ high; the height recommended by professional trainers. Constructed with 60,000 psi high tensile 1.5” steel tubing for superior strength (all tubing is 16 gauge. except for the gate frame which is built stronger with 1.9" OD 14 gauge).

Round Pen Features

  • Coned vertical ends protect horses from sharp edges
  • Mud legs inhibit sinking
  • Coped vertical stays provide superior strength with no sharp edges
  • Panels come with top rail extensions to eliminate the dangerous leg traps found on other round pen panels
  • Corner gussets are included in the gate frame for superior strength
  • Gate comes standard with our most popular plunger latch and striker plate
  • Universal connectors give you the freedom to combine any Hi-Hog panel style without the need for adapters

Parkland Round Pen Parts

  • Parkland Round Pen Panel, 10’ w x 6’ high, Item 2910, 80 lbs.
  • Parkland Round Pen Frame with Gate, 6’ w x 9’-3” high frame with 6’ high gate, Item 2906, 100 lbs.

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Better Footing

Footing plays an important role in the safety, conditioning, and training of your equine partner.

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Stall Planning Guide

Alternate Terms
Round Pens: lunge pen, lunging pen, loping pen, bull pen, horse training, training arena, horse walker, working pen

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