Item Number: Standing Tie Stalls #6115, 6113

Hi-Hog’s ample 5’ wide by 10′ long standing tie stalls provide enough room for your horse to lie down while reducing the amount of hay and bedding waste compared with a standard box stall, open stall or loose box.


Hi Hog Standing Tie Stalls With horses

Standing Tie Stalls

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
6115 10' Long Tie Stall Partition 148
6113 Tie Stall Feed Manger 82

Standing tie stall partitions, Item 6115,

  • The partitions are 10’ long to protect the entire length of your horse
  • The front of the partition is 52” wide x 7’ tall
  • The back half of the partition is 52” tall 

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Easy installation

  • Attach the front of the partition to the barn wall with two wall brackets (item 4061 or 4062)
  • The rear of the partition comes with an adjustable tele-post. The tele-post base plate must be fastened to the floor. The height of the top ceiling plate can be adjusted and secured to the underside of your barn ceiling (adjusts from 96.75” to 144” ceiling height).
  • Installation fasteners not included. Choose fastener type suitable to your barns construction.


  • Tie loops are mounted to the rear of the standing tie stall partitions for those horses that may require a rope or chain across the rear of the tie stall
  • The raised front portion of the panel comes with 16-gauge sheet metal
  • The bottom of the panel frame includes a channel ready to accept 16 pieces of 2x8 x 47.5” lumber. Simply slide your lumber into the channel and secure the last piece. Wood and wood fasteners are not included

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Optional tie stall feed manger, Item 6113

Hi Hog Standing Tie Stall Manger

Tie Stall Manger

  • The optional feed manger comes with mounting brackets for mounting your manger to the front wall of your barn. Sleeved brackets also slide out sideways from the manger to attach to either the side wall of your barn or the side of your Hi-Hog tie stall partitions
  • When mounted between two Hi-Hog tie stalls, the partitions will be on 60” centers
  • The manger is made from high density polyethylene copolymer sheets and possess high rigidity and excellent impact strength
  • A tether ring is mounted on the front of the feed manger. To prevent your horse from getting tangled it is recommended that you maintain some tension on the tether rope. Make sure the rope is long enough to allow the horse to lie down
  • 8 cubic foot capacity.

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NOTE: Standing tie stalls are not recommended for horses that are not regularly turned out or given an opportunity for daily exercise

NOTE: Standing tie stalls can provide a good tool for conditioning horses that you plan to transport by horse trailer


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Alternate Terms
Tie Stall, Standing Stall