Item Number: Wellhead Fence

Protect your investment and lower your risk with Hi-Hog’s heavy-duty modular wellhead fencing panels. The cattle guard fence of choice for oilfield, gas pipeline and utility companies.

10' x 10' Wellhead Fence Enclosure

Sample Wellhead Fence Enclosure 10' x 10'

Hi-Hog’s experts in the cattle handling and livestock fencing industry, worked closely with oil and gas industry experts to develop the original, pin together, wellhead fencing system. Livestock fencing has been our specialty for 50 years.

  • High Visibility Well-site Protection
  • Tool Free Easy On-site Installation
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Tubing Construction
  • Safety Features (Coned Tubing Ends + Hoof Guards)
  • Stackable, Easy Transport Design
  • Nationwide Network of Independent Dealers
  • 50 Years of Standing Behind Our Product

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We manufacture superior well-site protection.

Hi-Hog’s well head fence panels are designed to prevent livestock from pushing on the protective enclosure. The top of the cattle guard panels angle in, towards the well head, out of the reach of curious livestock.

  • Hi-Hog’s wellhead fence panels are 41.5” in height
  • Panels are sloped to inhibit livestock from pushing on the panel enclosure
  • The narrow spacing of the four horizontal bars deter stock from reaching through the panel to access grass on the inside of the enclosure.

These design elements ensure the panels see less livestock abuse than traditional panel enclosures. This translates to less livestock injury and less damage to your valuable equipment contained within the wellhead enclosure.

Easy Installation

Hi-Hog, designers of the original pin together well head fence, worked with industry experts and installers to ensure they could offer the industry a superior solution. The simple shepherd hook pin connection ensures that your well head enclosure can be erected quickly and easily (No loose parts, no rusted bolts, no missing fasteners).

Hi Hog Wellhead Fence can be easily installed on uneven terrain

Built for ease of installation, even with uneven terrain conditions

Hi Hog uses large heavy-duty connectors to resist abuse and allow tolerance for set-up when the terrain is uneven. The only tool required is a hammer to drive the ground stakes which are included on the connector frames.

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Quick operator access

The walk-through man-gate provides rapid unobstructed access for service crews on foot. If more access is required service crews can easily remove a panel and, in less than a minute, drive their truck onto the site.

Adaptable Design

If you need to change the design of your perimeter fence you have no need to worry as the modular design, as well as the wide selection of panel sizes, makes it easy to expand, contract, or modify your well head fence design.

Hi-Hog Wellhead Fence - The outstanding brand

Durable, easy to install, wellhead fence

Fit and Finish

Outstanding workmanship and finish ensure servicemen don’t need to worry about tearing their clothing on exposed edges or sharp protrusions. Superior coped and squeezed tubing connections.

Note: Exposed tubing ends have all been coned to remove sharp edges.

For unmatched durability, each panel is manufactured from 1.5”, 16 ga. high tensile steel tubing (60,000 psi minimum). High tensile tubing resists permanent bending or buckling compared with lower tensile strength tubing.

All products are finished with a superior polyester powder coat paint finish in Safety Red (For other colors contact our Calgary office).

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Wellheads are to be conspicuously marked or fenced so they are visible in all seasons. 

In addition to ensuring your equipment and your installers are safe we also ensure the design keeps livestock safe. As mentioned above, all exposed tubing ends have been coned (rounded) to remove sharp edges.

Additionally, Hi-Hog includes a connector hoop mounted at the top of each panel end. The purpose of this connector is to ensure there is no gap between the panels for an animal to get a leg trapped. Livestock will sometimes get a leg up on top of a panel, even our 7’ high bison panels. If this connector hoop is not included, an animal’s legs will slide along the top of the panel and drop in-between the panels. Once trapped the animal will struggle and this often results in damage or breakage to the leg.

Hi-Hog's wellhead fence is designed to protect both the valuable infrastructure inside the enclosure as well as the livestock outside the enclosure.

Customer Service

Hi-Hog has been manufacturing superior cattle, equine and oilfield protection equipment since 1974. All our protection panels and gates are manufactured in our Calgary shop using North American steel tubing. We have a large, independent, dealer network as well as a sales force dedicated to ensuring their continued product satisfaction. We maintain a large inventory of finished goods to satisfy most requests and maintain a large inventory of raw materials to allow for rapid production.

If you require assistance designing the layout of your well fence perimeter you can call on Hi-Hog’s design staff to provide you with a scaled and itemized AutoCAD drawing to meet your individual requirements. This is a free service. See some sample wellhead fencing plans 

Hi-Hog’s shipping team have an outstanding reputation for safely and efficiently loading customer's orders. Hi-Hog’s well head fencing products are designed to stack neatly and tightly which ensures you maximize the value of your load against the cost of shipping.

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The table below outlines our standard well head fence products. If you require something special please contact our sales office.

Description Item Weight (lbs.)
5' Well Fence Panel 3955 25
10' Well Fence Panel 3950 48
10' Well Fence Panel with Man Gate 3951 67
Well Fence Connector 3953 17
2' Well Fence Outside Corner Panel 3954 24
2' Well Fence Inside Corner Panel 3959 35



See our sample wellhead enclosure plans.

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