Hi-Hog carries an extensive collection of bison products which share a common connector system. This connector system offers superior flexibility to create an outstanding custom solution for your individual bison ranch requirements. Hi-Hog's experienced design team are here to help you get the most out of your bison handling system and corrals.

*Note: A custom product design consultancy fee may be required if your project requires custom designed products. If your project requires custom designed/manufactured products from Hi-Hog you should talk to a sales rep to find out if this fee may apply. In most cases, custom products are not required. 

When you contact Hi-Hog's design staff, they will ask you a few questions about:

  • your bison
  • your bison corral needs
  • your bison handling needs
  • your equipment preferences
  • your site

Tell us about your bison

  • How many bison do you have?
  • How many bison do you plan to work in one session?
  • Do you plan to grow or reduce your bison herd size?
  • Cow/calf, backgrounders, or feed lot operation, other?

Tell us about your corral needs

  • Do you want a portable or permanent installation?
  • Do you need to pre-sort any bison (before handling)?
  • Do you need to post-sort any bison (after handling)?
  • Do you need to hold any bison for more than a few hours (do you need pens with access to feed and water)?
  • Do you want a sick pen?
  • Do you need to do any group bison weighing?
  • Do you have specific livestock loading/unloading requirements?

Tell us about your bison handling needs

  • How long would you like your working alley to be?
  • Will you be working alone or have help?
  • Do you want to sort animals out of the your working alley?
  • Does your bison squeeze chute need to be in a specific location?
  • Does your working alley need to start in a specific location?
  • Does your loading chute need to be in a specific location?

Tell us about your equipment preferences

  • Do you want to use a control alley?
  • Manual bison squeeze chute or hydraulic bison squeeze chute?
  • Gas or electric hydraulic bison chute?

Tell us about your site

  • Provide a dimensioned sketch of your site (unless the site is completely clear). Your sketch does not need to be beautiful or to scale
  • If the site has any obstructions or important physical features that the corrals or handling system needs to work around please identify them
  • If the site is inside of a barn please provide the inside dimensions of the barn as well as any physical features that may impact the design.
  • Indicate how/where your bison will enter your corrals/system
  • Indicate how/where your bison will exit the corrals/system
  • Include a NORTH arrow so our designers can orient their drawing correctly
  • Optional. If the site is outdoors and you can provide your GPS coordinates this can help our designers to overlay their drawing on top of a google satellite view of your site (we would need to know the length of one element in the image to scale the image appropriately).

If you don't have all the answers, don't worry. Our friendly and patient design professionals have been helping ranchers since 1974. Their only goal is to develop a solution that meets your needs.

Before you contact Hi-Hog you may also wish to look at our sample bison handling systems and sample bison corrals to see if there are any existing sample plans that are close to what you are looking for.

Additionally, you might also review Hi-Hog's guide to designing bison corrals.

We look forward to helping you.