A collection of sample bison corrals and handling facilities

Sample Bison Systems

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Please note that each of the sample bison handling systems shown below can be easily modified to better fit your bison management needs. For example, Hi-Hog offers both a manual bison squeeze chute and a hydraulic bison squeeze chute. Additionally, your bison working alley can be created with a variety of components and lengths. Lastly, Hi-Hog offers a wide variety of bison panels & gates suitable for your bison corrals.

The sample bison systems shown below take into account:

Basic Bison Handling Systems

Sample Bison Handling System - 01:

Sample Bison Handling System 01


This example shows a basic bison working alley. The alley is built using various lengths of sheeted bison panels in combination with either an 8′ wide frame and gate or a 5′ wide rolling door.

Bison can become stressed if they are separated from their herd mates. To avoid this stress, the first two sections of alley are large enough to accommodate at least two bison.

Sample Bison Handling System - 02:

Sample Bison Handling System 02 Sample-Bison-Handling-System-02.pdf

This system adds a single animal chute behind the squeeze chute. We refer to this section as a control chute as it can be narrowed to fit the animal to ensure the animal is facing the right way when you want to bring it into the squeeze chute. The control chute is a transition chute between the open grassed alley and the closed, steel floored and roofed squeeze chute. Bison should not be isolated and held in the control section accept to weigh the animal (if the control section is equipped with a scale floor). 

Sample Bison Handling System - 03:

Sample Bison Handling System 03 Sample-Bison-Handling-System-03.pdf

This system adds a simple batch pen. Note how the bison enter and exit the batch pen in the same corner. This allows the batch pen to act similarly to a Bud Box.


Custom Bison Handling Systems

The following sample designs look at a range of bison corral and handling systems developed for ranches, government agencies, parks and zoos. Each of these plans represents an individual response to the clients site, handling requirements, herd size, and individual customer preferences.

These corrals may include:

  • collection facilities
  • pre-sorting facilities
  • treatment facilities
  • post-sorting facilities
  • short and long term holding facilities
  • load-out facilities 

The best way to understand how a system works is to follow the path of the bison and the handler as they move through the corral system. If you would like to print out a copy of any of these designs simply select the link below the sample and a PDF version of the sample will be opened.

Sample Bison Corral - 01

Sample Bison Corrals 01


Sample Bison Corral - 02

Sample Bison Corrals 02 Sample-Bison-Corral-02.pdf

Sample Bison Corral – 03

Sample Bison Corrals 03 Sample-Bison-Corrals-3.pdf

Sample Bison Corral – 04

Sample Bison Corrals 04 Sample-Bison-Corrals-04.pdf

Sample Bison Corral – 05

Sample Bison Corrals 05 Sample-Bison-Corrals-05.pdf

Sample Bison Corral – 06

Sample Bison Corrals 06 Sample-Bison-Corrals-06.pdf

Sample Bison Corral – 07

Sample Bison Corrals 07 Sample-Bison-Corrals-07.pdf

Sample Bison Corral - 08

 Sample Bison Corrals 08


Sample Bison Corral - 08

Sample Hi-Hog Bison Handling System featuring Flight Bulb system loadSample Bison Corrals - 09.pdf

If you have any questions, or you would like Hi-Hog’s assistance to modify one of these plans, simply contact Hi-Hog or call our sales office during business hours and one of our design staff will assist you with your design. This is a FREE service.

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