Designing a safe and efficient auction mart requires considerable care and an unwavering attention to detail.

There are a great number of design requirements that must be refined to fit with the site and business plan of the auction mart. Each site and plan is unique and requires individual attention. Hi-Hog’s design team has the experience and tools to assist in your auction mart design.

Hi-Hog Livestock Auction Market Design & SupplyAuction Market Design & Supply

Hi-Hog’s team of experienced designers can help you:

  1. Develop a plan for your individual livestock auction facility
  2. Provide you with an accurate quote and working drawings, and
  3. Provide you with durable auction equipment designed specifically for the challenges of safely and efficiently processing a variety of livestock for auction

Phase One: Preliminary Design Phase

  • Development of auction market program
  • Spatial Requirements
  • Schematic design

Phase Two: Revise and develop final schematic design 

  • This goal of this phase is to develop a solid design from which we can design the components to fit.

Phase Three: Design Development

  • Development of panel and gate designs
  • Populate penning plan with approved panel and gate designs
  • Provide quote for supply of approved penning plan

Phase Four: Supply of Equipment

  • Manufacturing of required auction equipment
  • Supply of construction drawings with detailed post locations
  • Load and ship equipment to your location.

Livestock Auction Mart design and supply service by Hi-HogPhase One

Auction Market Program

  • Develop a clear understanding of your auction market vision.
  • Types of livestock you plan to process through your facility.
  • Number of animals to be processed 
  • Frequency of auctions
  • Duration of livestock stay
  • Load-in/Load-out requirements
  • Access Requirements
  • Lot size requirements
  • Etc.

Penning Logistics

  • Develop a clear understanding of your penning requirements. 
  • Unloading holding pens
  • Sorting pens
  • Auction Staging pens
  • Post Auction pens
  • Etc.

Schematic Design

  • Develop a simple site plan of the proposed auction facility
  • Locate load-in/load-out facilities
  • Block out required penning/sorting areas
  • Block out overnight penning
  • Block out alley flow
  • Etc.

There is no charge for this phase of the project.

Phase Two

Develop penning plan

  • Load-in, load out facilities that are accessible, efficient, and flexible
  • Safe and efficient livestock flow from arrival to departure
  • Safe and efficient sorting alley designs
  • Flexible penning designs that maximize utilization of available space
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Facilities designed to minimize risk to stockmen
  • Identify locations for specialty panels (feed panels, water panels, other)

There is no charge for this phase of the project

Phase Three

Develop individual component design

  • Detail Panel and Gate designs to meet individual auction market requirements
  • Details may include custom panel/gate design to include latches, identification plates, and manifest tubes
  • Component design, revisions and approvals

Populate Site plans

  • Use detailed drawing blocks that reflect approved item designs to populate the approved site plan
  • Check gate swings for interference
  • Check post details to ensure all hardware is included
  • Check design for safe and efficient livestock and stockmen movement

Prepare a quote for the supply of equipment

  • Prepare a take-off from the approved populated drawings 
  • Prepare a quote based on the take-off
  • Estimate shipping requirements and delivery schedule

A Custom Design Consultancy fee may be applied to this phase. Terms will be set based on the scope of your individual project prior to the start of this phase.

Phase Four

Production of auction equipment

  • Preparation of production drawings
  • Schedule production
  • Order specialty components from third party providers
  • Production of items

Develop Installation drawings

  • Identify locations for all auction equipment 
  • Identify post locations

Prepare Load(s)

  • Design loads for safe and efficient shipping
  • Bundle components for shipping
  • Load trucks

There is no charge for this phase of the project.

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Hi-Hog’s design team works in partnership with you (or your key personnel) to design and produce safe, efficient, durable and functional livestock auction facilities.

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